IndiEarth Platform

Conceptualised by EarthSync, the IndiEarth Platform is a growing collective of artists and multi-country industry professionals joining hands to walk new paths in a fast changing landscape of the music and film industry.


An EarthSync initiative, IndiEarth was born to support independent musicians and filmmakers. Through a multi-dimensional framework, IndiEarth connects artists and worldwide Media and offers programming opportunities and resources for the development of artists and the industry.

Through its committed framework of international networks, IndiEarth facilitates regional artists to tour across venues and festivals worldwide, and programs international artists at venues across India.

IndiEarth also collaborates with internationally renowned music markets festivals with a focus on developing a strong regional network between the Indian Ocean -Asian countries, and produces several on-ground festivals, events and properties aimed at developing markets and audiences and fostering the growth of the independent arts industry in the region.

These include properties like IndiEarth XChange, IndiEarth Out There, IndiEarth On Screen and IndiEarth At The Park.