No Stranger Here

No Stranger Here, released on EarthSync to worldwide critical acclaim, features producers Business Class Refugees, Hindustani classical singer Shubha Mudgal and poet / spoken word artist Ursula Rucker exploring the poetry of Indian mystic and poet Kabir.


No Stranger Here is inspired by the poetry of the 16th century Indian poet Kabir from the Bhakti Movement (500-1700 AD) that swept across India as a rebellion against religious orthodoxy and caste distinctions, propagating peace, harmony and love - an ancient movement as relevant now as it was then. Expressed across time by lovers, artists, saints and devotees, humanity is no stranger to the search for higher ground, the ecstasy and pain of earthly or divine love, of being a stranger in a familiar world; seeking sublimation through artistic expression. 

Shubha Mudgals's rendition of this ancient poetry is the reference point for the poetry written by Ursula Rucker for the album, set against the cross-cultural global soundscape of Business Class Refugees. 

With individual sensitivity, respect and deep artistic understanding of their own and different cultures and crafts, Shubha Mudgal, Ursula Rucker and Business Class Refugees come together in distinct diversity to unite with the timeless, spiritual voice of humanity. 

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"No Stranger Here is beguiling and enchanting in equal measure, but also a bit bonkers. It's easy to get melodically hypnotised listening to them as their strange brew is made to shift your consciousness, but there's also a dark undercurrent in most of their work that rewards the listening experience with a heavy melancholy that's addictive to certain me". - Bobby Friction, BBC Asian Network

"EarthSync's latest offering is a real treat. Part devotional meditation, part savvy supplication for a sense of universality through music, No Stranger Here dazzles listeners with the hypnotic vocals of Ms. Mudgal and Ms. Rucker's razor sharp poetry and spoken word sections against the wildly rich tapestry of the Business Class Refugees". - World Music Central