Mix The City

Produced and filmed by EarthSync, Mix The City India is an interactive music platform launched by British Council and filmed across four of India's bustling metros: Chennai, Delhi, Kolkata and Mumbai. Bringing together local musicians, artists and international producers, the online platform enables users to explore the music of a particular region while creating their own compositions.


Travelling to four fast paced and vibrant Indian metros, EarthSync's audio visual team embarked upon a mission to film 48 leading Indian artists in iconic spaces across Chennai, Delhi, Kolkata and Mumbai - showcasing the richness of sound, musical traditions and diverse cultural influences of each city. The result? A stunning series of original music samples and spectacular visuals capturing the essence of each region. 

These music samples have been compiled by music producers Boxed In, Django Django and Anna Meredith from the UK and Kutiman from Israel, into short audio / video samples. These samples can be rearranged, reimagined and mixed up to compose a soundtrack that the user can share on their social media channels, directly from the Mix The City website. The interactive platform is designed to inspire users to explore regional music from around the globe, creating their own unique music compositions that can be shared online. 

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