IndiEarth XChange 2012

Delegates from 12 countries, a World Music & Film Festival featuring 23 performances and 11 independent films from India. 30th Nov - 2nd Dec 2012, Chennai

EarthSync's initiative IndiEarth connects India's independent Artists to Worldwide Media

No Stranger Here

Shubha Mudgals's rendition of the ancient poetry is the reference point for poetry written by Ursula Rucker specifically for this album, against the cross-cultural global soundscape of Business Class Refugees.

A World of Samples

An online platform of high quality ethnic samples for music producers

"This is the sort of knowledge we should have of places, peoples and music."
World Music Central on Laya Project

“A mystical mix”
Deccan Chronicle, June 2009 on Shoshan

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The Contemporary and the Traditional

EarthSync is a record label and producer of high end audio and visual content, based in Chennai, South India. As a world music record label, EarthSync works with roots music through which cultures express themselves across time.

EarthSync's productions feature traditional music recorded across Asia and Middle East, often in collaboration with other traditional music styles and musicians from across the world.

Passion for cultures, music, sound and excellence often takes us beyond the studio to produce world music visual projects, documenting unique performances in native locations, which are almost always off the beaten track.









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