"The voices sink deep in the hearts of the listeners regardless of different cultural backgrounds"
Expresso - The New Indian Express, IN

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Voice Over The Bridge

Voice Over The Bridge is a musical collaboration between two traditional vocalists in Myanmar and Western musicians.
The Great Songs praising the King were first heard in the ancient 13th century kingdoms of Myanmar. Centuries later, Khing Zin Shwe and Shwe Shwe Khaing sing the Great Songs from the ancient past, in a music collaboration with contemporary Western musicians.

Other musicians featured in the album - Keyboard and Programming: Patrick Sebag, Piano: Arcadi Duchin, Guitar: Avi Singolda, Flute: Navin Iyer, Bass: Mishko M'ba, Kontra Bass: Eran Zilberberg, Drums: Yoav Bonzel, String section: Young TLV Orchestra led by Eran Zilberberg. Arrangements: Patrick Sebag | Sound Design, Mixing and Mastering: Yotam Agam, Clementine Studios, Chennai, India.
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   01 Rain Song
   02 Nitoon Yanka
   03 Ataing Mathy Blue
   04 Mandalabon
   05 Glorious Sun
   06 San Way
   07 Thida

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